Major Festivals IN GHANA (September)

Fetu Afahye Festival

It is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of September by communities in the Cape Coast Traditional Area (Fetu). It is characterized by a durbar of chiefs and processions of "Asafo Companies" (traditional warrior groups) and numerous social organisations. Every member of the group is adorned in rich and colourful clothes, thus creating the grandeur of this festival which literally means "adorning of new clothes". A procession of the "7 Asafo Companies" in their unique costumes depicts a fusion of the "Fante" and European cultures, (typically, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and British), which have been sustained over many centuries. Customary rites include the slaughter of a cow to the 77 Deities in the area to obtain their blessings.

Nkronu Festival

Is celebrated by the people of Shama/Beposo, in the Western Region. A very colourful festival and it involves purification of stools, prayer to ancestors for good harvest and long life.

Sometutuza Festival

Annual colourful festival of the "SOME" people of Agbozume, in the Eastern Region to commemorate the exodus from their original Home (Keta) and subsequent settlement at Agbozume. Activities of the festival include a display (exhibition) of different types of "Ewe Kente" cloth, traditional and woven textile.

Akwambo Festival

Is celebrated by the people of Enyam-Maim-Cape Coast, in the Central Region.

Ayerye Festival

Is celebrated by the people of Enyam-Maim-Cape Coast, in the Central Region.

Akyempem Festival

Is celebrated by the people of Agona, in the Ashanti Region.

Kobine Festival

This post-harvest festival gives thanks to the gods for a bountiful harvest. It is normally celebrated in the month of September by the Dagaaba people in the Upper West Region. The 3-day festival culminates in feasting and dancing.