Brong Ahafo is the great agricultural region of Ghana and Sunyani is its capital city. The region is often recognised as our breadbasket as, apart from its extensive forests reserve and cocoa plantations, it has a large acreage of food crops.

The villages of Brong Ahafo are of great interest to tourists throughout the year. Traditional farming methods are found side by side with more modern land management, while the friendliness and sense of hospitality of the people reflect the basic cultural attraction of Ghana. Of particular interest in many villages will be the traditional healers who use herbal medicines to cure a wide variety of ailments.

Largely unspoilt by industrial development, the region is one of the most attractive in Ghana. The people of the region have been farmers for generations, benefiting from their longer than average rainfall season, and the busy markets in the small towns and villages display the colourful results of their husbandry, as well as local pottery, weaving and other attractive and useful crafts and artefacts.

Tourist sites to be plotted on map:

  • Kintampo Falls
  • Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary
  • Hani Archaeological site
  • Kwaku Fri shrine
  • Geographical Centre of Ghana
  • Digya National Park