The project is starting with its maiden edition dubbed “The Official Accra City Guide”

  • The Accra City Guide (fact sheets, video and map) is a compact and conveniently sized
    • (6 ins x 4ins) double folding marketing hand–pack.
    • The first fold will provide a left inside cover space for tourism information/ investment fact sheets of (approximately 5.5 ins x 3.5 ins) on Accra.
    • The second fold will have a right inside cover space for the latest city map of Accra (with ample advertising spaces on the reverse side) of approximately 24 ins x 16 ins.
    • The middle section will have space for a credit card size USB memory drive of approximately 3 ins x 2 ins on which is up-loaded a top quality and exciting video of Accra.
  • The front cover will contain the title of the project THE OFFICIAL ACCRA CITY GUIDE - 2015 Edition - with an iconic image or photograph that represents Accra.
  • The right back cover will contain information of endorsement and participating organisations
  • The middle back cover will have a full page advert space reserved to be taken up by a major sponsor.
  • The front cover of the city map which will be inserted in the right inner cover of the main pack (folded) will also have a full page advert space reserved to be taken up by another major sponsor.
  • There will be ample opportunities for varying categories of sponsorships from allied operators and of those within the sector in return for placement considerations in the video, the reverse side of the city map and on EM - TV portals, and flash drives.